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Oh baby, just you shut your mouth.

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Posts tagged Sound and Vision

Mar 29 '14
Jan 21 '12

Vampire Bowie


Vampire Bowie

Oct 26 '11


David Bowie - TVC15 during the Sound+Vision Tour

I never knew he actually did this song live before! He also brings out a saxophone later!

Oct 18 '11


David Bowie - Blue Jean and Let’s Dance during Sound+Vision Tour

Might as well just call this entire video sex on floorboards.

2:26 Dirty tongue action (towards the crotch of a dancer projected on the screen behind him).

3:21 Simulating masturbation on the whammy bar of his guitar.

3:30 Let’s Dance begins and he just makes a lot of sexy noises and swaying hips throughout.

6:23 Sexy hip action.

6:35 Gets on his knees and simulates performing oral sex on his own projection behind him. His projection tilts his head back in ecstasy.

6:48 Wipes his mouth.