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Oh baby, just you shut your mouth.

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Jul 20 '13

Oh, you pretty thing!

Myself in my favorite Bowie shirt. :P

Jan 13 '13

directed and edited by Leesa Ulanova

Alexandra Moon-Age as David Bowie

Dec 27 '12

Nov 18 '12
Oct 27 '12

My Ziggy Stardust makeup for Halloween.

Jun 22 '12

My new tattoo !

It was shot just after it was finished ^^

May 24 '12

(Source: rockinnrollin)

May 17 '12

Hello Bowie’s fans !

I am a 20 year old Illustration student at London University of Arts and I am doing this project about a person, who we think changed British culture in some way. Of course, I have chosen David Bowie. I am concentrating on the early 70’s UK society’s life and mentality and I want to emphasis Bowie’s huge input on breaking the boundaries of what was so thought ‘normal’ and ‘inappropriate’ back then in the 70’s.

My plan is to find those original true Bowie’s fans ( so You would have to be born around 50s-early 60’s), who were in their teens by the time the iconic personas Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane and Thin White Duke emerged. I want to collect their memories, stories, opinions and experiences from those times. Maybe You dyed Your hair red? maybe your dad was annoyed by Bowie’s music? how did your friends, neighbours and the whole public reacted to your idol? 

I realise that probably not many people at their fifties or sixties are using Tumblr. But maybe, your parents, grandparents, neighbours were fans? Please, anything You would write me would be so helpful and You would take a part of this project. Also, I thought it would be really brilliant if You would be so kind to send me two pictures - one from these time and one from the 70’s, when you were Bowie’s fan. If this would succeed I am going to make a website, with each persons memoirs and those two pictures. I will surely send You a link of that website.

So if You would consider to help me, please, write me you name (or state that you want to stay anonymous), date of birth, your short story ( or anything Bowie - related) and two pictures if possible ( or at least a picture from 70’s, but if the person prefers not to, it is still alright).

I would so appreciate this, I fell this could be such a meaningful and beautiful project!

email me at 

David Bowie fans, London 1976

Best wishes,


Apr 11 '12